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Great comment – where do you go for x64 support until the RTM?

On our last post – we had a comment about the RC2 Build crashing and not knowing where to go for support:

Posted @ 2/25/2005 6:07 PM
On top of that (2 downloads, 2 burns) it crashes on me after install finishes and it reboots. Next, I don’t know of a place to report this bug. Great Stuff.

Great Comment – We do have a private newsgroup dedicated for evaluators of our x64 editions where questions just like these can be answered.  The login, password, and instructions on how to access the newsgroup with a newsgroup reader, please click HERE.   Or, if you know what you are doing with a newsgroup reader, just use the following:

NNTP Server:
Newsgroup: microsoft.private.windowsserver_64bit
User name: privatenews\64bit
Password: 64bit

Or, if you are ever away from your newsreader and need to access the newsgroup – we have web-based access to the newsgroup here:


– Ward Ralston