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SBS 2003 SP1 released!

SP1 for Small Business Server 2003 has just been released today:


This service pack is a lot more than just Windows Server 2003 SP1, it is a rollup of multiple service packs and updates for SBS 2003.

Here is what you get:

Windows Server 2003 SP1

Exchange 2003 SP1

SharePoint Services SP1

Outlook 2003 SP1

Windows XP SP2

If you are a SBS Premium Customer, you also get:

SQL 2000 SP4

An upgrade to ISA 2004 Std Edition (Cool!)

Before my life at Microsoft, I supported a few SBS installations and I know the typical SBS customer fairly well.  The applications that are sometimes installed on SBS boxes are very proprietary (I can think of a few law office programs that are really out there) and stand potential (albeit minor) compatability problems with WS03 SP1.

I also have had the chance to install the SBS SP1 on a few different boxes prior to its release and would like to give a couple of words of wisdom:

1.  Check for application compatability with Windows Server 2003 SP1…..especially the specialty apps that run on SBS.  You can find more information on testing using out app compat tools.

2.  BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP – SBS SP1 can not be uninstalled.  In the rare case that things go south, you’ll want a full backup handy.

3.  If you are an SBS Customer – Contact your SBS Administrator to perform your upgrade!!


Ward Ralston