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Do you want to change how long it takes to Deploy a Windows Server Into Production?

Putting any server into production in today’s IT environments is complex, with magnitudes of variables. For example, if your role is to design an architecture for an IT service, you know your design decision can vary based on your business needs  and service requirements. Considerations on the users accessing the server, the location feed into the design plans of setting up a test lab, configuration of server roles (including hardware), and conducting a deployment pilot project. Moreover, many of the servers you put into production have common elements in the core OS configuration; Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Group Policy, etc. Whew…and you haven’t even put the CD in the Server yet!

To better understand how our IT Professionals and Architects install and configure Windows Server, the Solutions for Infrastructure and Management team in the Core Infrastructure Solutions group would appreciate it if you would complete a short survey on this topic.

Your feedback will be a critical input in the design of the solution to automate the workflow of deploying Windows “Longhorn” Server.  The Windows Server Deployment Automation Survey can be taken at

– Ward