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“Longhorn” Server Tasty Nugget #1

Did you know the coastline for Madagascar is 4824km long?

Me either….and I assume that to most people information like that isn’t particularly interesting either.  Which sets the perfect stage for some blog entries I want to start making.

As we have now hit our Beta 2 milestone, you may have heard about our bigger Windows Server “Longhorn” features – NAP, Terminal Services, IIS7.0, Networking, Server Manager, Etc.  All very compelling…and we are going to be talking a lot more about these features in the next few months.

In my day-to-day interaction with Windows Server – I have noticed a lot of little gems in “longhorn” that may not get much attention as they don’t exactly fit into one of our bigger categories mentioned above…..As such, I feel it is my blogging duty to bring some of these little nuggets to light.  (Even if they are as useful as the length of the Madagascar coastline.)

So, #1, this is pretty neat….As every IT Pro knows, one of the iniquities associated with working with files in shared folders is the potential for a user to accidentally delete a file.  If you share isn’t protected with Volume Shadow Services or another backup solution, you needed to break out the backup tapes.

In Windows Server “Longhorn” you will find a little check box in the advanced tab of the sharing screen.  Selecting this will give you the ability to put deleted items (accidental or otherwise) in the recycle bin – cool!

Advanced Sharing Tab in Longhorn Server

Cheers, Ward Ralston