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Windows Deployment Services – get the inside scoop on October 19th

In my previous posts I have mentioned that the next generation of Remote Installation Services (RIS) is call Windows Deployment Services (WDS) – an imaged based deployment solution that will be implemented in Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Server “Longhorn”

If you want to get some intimate access to the people closest to this technology, I would like to recommend attending the upcoming webcast on Thursday October 19th at 1PM (PST)….registration link is below.

Quick Abstract:
Webcast:  Windows Deployment Services:  Setup and Deployment
Description:  In this webcast, learn how to use Windows Deployment Services to install Windows operating systems on new network computers, without needing to be physically present at each computer, and without having to install directly from CD media. We explore common Windows Deployment Services usage scenarios, and examine the major components of the solution on a technical level.

Click to register for this webcast (
or visit the list of all available Windows Server “Longhorn” webcasts ( ).

WDS is cool stuff – hope to see you there.

Ward Ralston