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Windows Server 2008 R2 and Xeon 7500 Pairing is Well Received

Intel’s announcement yesterday of its new Xeon 7500 server CPU platform (previously known as the Nehalem EX) is generating a good deal of optimism, especially when its contrasted with new features in Windows Server 2008 R2 that take advantage of all that these new silicon marvels have to offer. The new platform’s potential in the realms of performance and mission-critical reliability are truly awesome as this video details (Silverlight required).


We had a few of our own server experts at the Intel launch event and both were happy with what they saw. Scott Rosenbloom, Group Product Manager for Windows Server, had this to say (Silverlight required)…


…and Eric Jewett, Director at Windows Server Marketing, had kind words as well (Silverlight).


And our guys aren’t the only pundits preening ‘bout the new processors (just the handsomest). Check out happy thoughts from analysts at PC Magazine, InfoWorld and ServerWatch as well. (And if you’re grousing over all the Silverlight requirements, do yourself a favor and check out this brand new, freely available, Silverlight desktop player.)

Oliver Rist

Product Manager

Windows Server Marketing