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Where to Find Previous Windows Server “8” Posts

The Windows Server Product team is streamlining the blogging process. All future Windows Server Blogs will be coming from here. You will hear a lot more over the next couple of months from Bill Laing, VP of the Server and Cloud Division, Jeffrey Snover, Distinguished Engineer for Windows Server and other leaders from Windows Server. We will also be trying to give you links to a lot of even deeper content on Windows Server “8” coming from our Product Team Blogs. As most of you know, we have a number of very knowledgeable engineers who write a lot of great information on our supporting technologies, like Hyper-V, RDS, File and Storage, Group Policy, etc… So, please stay tuned because we plan to bring you a lot of great information on Windows Server ‘8”.

As you know, the beta of Windows Server “8” is now available. So, please go download, evaluate, and give us feedback. Please also take some time to let us know what you think, ask us questions and suggest ideas for new content that hasn’t been written yet. We love comments.

Here is a complete list of all the past Windows Server “8” posts since the Build Conference in September 2011:

We look forward to sharing as much as we can with you over the next couple of months.


The Windows Server Core Blogger Team