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New: PaCE helps you keep up with your favorite Windows Server/System Center MVP blogs

Hi, all, Christa Anderson here from the Partner and Customer Ecosystem group in Windows Server/System Center. I’m happy to tell you about a new series we’re starting.

Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals, independent experts active in the technical community, are as smart, experienced and skeptical bunch rooted in the real world as you’ll find anywhere. You probably follow some of their blogs or articles, you may have seen them speak at industry conferences or the Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow, and we in the Windows Server/System Center group value immensely the feedback about the product that our Windows Server and System Center MVPs give us.

As MVPs are independent, they can—and do—blog in a variety of places. If you’ve ever wished that there was one place you could go to keep up with new MVP content about Windows Server or System Center, I’m glad to tell you that we’re launching one today on our Partner and Customer Solutions blog. Roughly once a week we’ll publish links to what the MVPs have published about Windows Server and System Center in the last week. Most content is in English, but I’ve identified where MVPs are writing in another language and translated the title to English. If you don’t read Spanish/Italian/German/whatever but the title looks interesting, then Bing Translator is your friend. We’re still in the process of adding blog and article feeds, so expect to see more MVP sources as we continue.

I hope you’ll find this useful to keep up with MVP perspectives on your favorite Windows Server and System Center technologies and urge you to subscribe to the RSS feed. Happy reading!