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A Closer Look at Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers with Mark Russinovich

On the season premiere of Microsoft Mechanics, we demo the new container technology within Windows Server 2016, including a hands-on look at Hyper-V Containers with Azure CTO, Mark Russinovich.

Containers are one of the hottest topics in cloud and server and with Windows Server 2016, Microsoft is introducing a medley of new technologies including Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers.

This builds on the work we’ve been doing with Docker to bring you a unified model for deploying containerized apps comprising Windows Server and Linux.

If you are an IT Professional new to containers, the show offers more perspective on the design and architecture of containers, your options and the main advantages.
Mark demonstrates the new native container technology in Windows Server 2016, including Hyper-V Containers on Nano Server and discusses how you can manage and run containers in Windows Server, on-premises or in Azure and within heterogeneous environments with Linux. You can also try it for yourself today.