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Ask Microsoft Anything about Project “Honolulu”

At Microsoft Ignite, we unveiled the next step in our journey for Windows Server graphical management experiences — the technical preview release of Project “Honolulu,” a flexible, locally-deployed, browser-based management platform and tools. With support for both hybrid and traditional disconnected-server environments, Project “Honolulu” provides a quick and easy solution for common IT admin tasks with a lightweight deployment.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific, we will host a one-hour AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) focused on Project “Honolulu.” In this free session, you’ll be able to ask Microsoft experts your questions about the new, graphical management solution for Windows Server.

Our goal for this AMA is to help you understand how we have:

  • Invested in GUI tools
  • Simplified the experience with familiar tools and easy deployment
  • Architected for future cloud integration
  • Optimized for security by default

Learn more about our new Windows Server management experience. Then join the conversation to interact directly with the people who built them.