D’Hers speaks on stage in a Microsoft building.

Jul 1, 2022

Microsoft’s tips for staying productive in an evolving hybrid world

As the leader of the Microsoft Digital Employee Experience team, it’s my responsibility to ensure that Microsoft employees are the most productive and collaborative in the industry. We are stewards of the employee experience, and we obsess over every detail of the online and in-person meeting experience for our employees. From the physical spaces on...

Nathalie D’Hers gives her keynote speech at the End User Services Engineering global meeting. She is gesturing with her hands as she speaks

Jun 8, 2021

How Microsoft is reimagining meetings for a hybrid work world

One of the most challenging aspects of leading the Employee Experience team at Microsoft is the deployment, maintenance, and support of thousands of conference rooms around the globe. Since employees often encounter different conference room technology—even within the same building—it can lead to frustration, delay, and even support calls. As a result, employees have consistently...