CSEO’s Matt Hempey, Jaimie Faccone, and Stacie Kartes chat in a meeting room as Paris Lockhart joins them online via a large screen on the wall.

Jan 14, 2019

Click join: Internal meetings get a boost with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft employees have long asked for the company’s internal meetings to work better. They’re getting their wish, thanks to Microsoft Teams and the company’s meeting solution, Microsoft Teams Rooms. As of today, this new meeting experience has been rolled out in all conference rooms at the company’s home offices in the Seattle area. The same...

David Johnson poses for a photo in his office.

Dec 5, 2018

The key to rolling out Microsoft Teams on home turf: Good governance

Across Microsoft, employees are being moved to Microsoft Teams for all communications. One of the most important elements to ensuring the success of this companywide transition has been the governance framework that comes with Office 365. Microsoft Teams is now the collaboration platform for the company’s 220,000 employees and vendors. With a full set of...

Pouneh Kaufman and Mohammed Anas Shaikh share a laugh sitting at a table in a Microsoft cafe.

Nov 8, 2018

Microsoft starts move from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams today

Today, Microsoft started moving its 220,000 employees and vendors to Microsoft Teams-only mode for all communications and collaboration needs, including calling, instant messaging, and meetings. The move signifies the company’s upgrade to Teams, permanently replacing Skype for Business inside Microsoft. “It’s the end of an era, but it’s also the beginning of a wave of...

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Oct 23, 2018

New Microsoft smart buildings showcase Azure Digital Twins

A smart building complex that had its grand opening today at Microsoft showcases the company’s new Azure Digital Twins service. Microsoft has been aggressively building, deploying, and testing smart building technology on its own buildings for years. It has been progressively getting better and better at using sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to...

Sep 27, 2018

Microsoft Teams meeting add-in spurs move away from Skype for Business inside Microsoft

Microsoft employees use Microsoft Teams every day, but most don’t live in it. Yet. Company employees have used the collaboration tool to work together on projects, coauthoring, and for having conversations since the product debuted two years ago, but many—because they use Microsoft Outlook to set up their meetings—jump out of it and into Skype...

Aug 29, 2018

The curious tale of a software architect amid the turmoil of transformation

Surviving all the ways the software architect’s role has changed over the last 18 years comes down to two things for Constantin Mihai—staying curious and keeping the door to his childhood propped open just a bit. “I have always had a profound respect for Microsoft as the most relevant software company in the world, a...

Aug 16, 2018

Microsoft HR leader: IT pivotal to driving culture change

It’s no secret we’re living in a time of transformation. The digital era is creating work environments and styles like we’ve never seen before—everything is moving faster than ever. To stay current and competitive, organizations of all types and sizes have to flex to meet the needs of their employee base in terms of when,...

Jul 19, 2018

Electric duo tapping the power of blockchain inside of Microsoft

The curiosity and frustration of Jagannathan Venkatesan and Rohit Amberker played a key role in Microsoft recently announcing that it will be using blockchain to manage the royalty lifecycle of video game payments. Venkatesan, who works in Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO), and Amberker, who works in Microsoft Finance, are the key players...

Jun 26, 2018

Brain-friendly employee feedback turning the tide at Microsoft

As much as we might say we’re open to feedback from our peers, human nature can make it hard to have an open mind when it comes our way—it can feel too much like a threat. In fact, neuroscience shows our brain reacts to the term “feedback” in a way that often shuts down our...

Jun 13, 2018

Meet the service engineer who can’t help but run toward fire

Cory Delamarter runs toward flames. He can’t help himself—he must be where the action is. He’ll help put the fire out, but really, he’s trying to figure out better ways to extinguish the flames. At Microsoft, Delamarter helps the company become better at responding to fires. “The pragmatist waits until the exact moment you have...

May 10, 2018

When barbed wire, ammo cans, and dirt get you to Microsoft

Britney O’Dell came to Microsoft sprinkled with a fine layer of dirt. Call it grit. It first blew over her in the deserts of southern Arizona, where she could have easily lost her way as the lone person who believed she could climb out of her no-exit town. She collected more when, on her first...

Apr 25, 2018

Microsoft moves its Human Resources employee portal to SharePoint Online

Microsoft has migrated its internal Human Resources portal to the cloud, a key step in its ongoing companywide digital transformation. Called HRweb, the portal is the second busiest at Microsoft, and represents the last major internal employee portal to move to the cloud. The migration has transformed the experience the company’s employees have when they...

Mar 14, 2018

New hire empowers Microsoft to ‘do right’ by visa-dependent employees

Often foreign workers struggle to keep up with the many legal steps they must take to keep their work visas up to date, creating a simmering worry that never seems to go away. When Jessica Lee was offered the chance to ease that stress, the IT engineering program manager in Microsoft Core Services Engineering and...