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Hero banner showing refugee camps

We empower nonprofits, agencies, and communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from humanitarian crises.

Humanitarian Action

Today, there are over 65 million displaced people around the world due to conflict, natural disasters, famine and political unrest. Technology can play a powerful role in helping displaced people. It can enable humanitarian organizations and relief workers to carry out their missions with greater speed, coordination, and insight. And, it can empower displaced men, women and children to rebuild their lives. That is why we are committed to ongoing philanthropic investments and partnerships that support displaced people globally.

What we provide

Microsoft has decades of experience in supporting humanitarian, governmental and other organizations to prepare for, respond to, and rebuild from humanitarian crises around the world. Through technology donations and other philanthropic investments, we seek to:

Microsoft Philanthropies' nonprofit offerings

Learn more about Microsoft’s nonprofit technology donations and discounts including Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite, and Power BI.