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Microsoft YouthSpark Live
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Plan for your future

YouthSpark Live events bring young people together to plan their future. Throughout the event, they identify the skills they need to reach their goals, figure out how technology will accelerate them forward, and get connected to programs that will help them get there.

YouthSpark Live focuses on three major goals:

Employment: Technology proficiency and preparation for all jobs

Today, nearly all jobs require at least a basic level of technology skills in order to complete the work. From online job applications to timecards, to email and web-based research, YouthSpark has resources that can help you get training, and get the skills to get ahead.

Careers in Tech: Creating your future with computer science

The world we interact with is full of advanced technology. Computer science is the foundation for much of today’s innovation, and many new jobs are being created for people with skills in this field. It involves creativity, problem-solving, programming, the Internet, data, and thinking about the impact of technology in communities. You can do so many things with computer science skills!

Entrepreneurship: Create, build and grow a business

Beyond a great idea, starting and being successful running your own business requires specific skills and knowledge. Find the skills and resources that can help you run your business more efficiently!

YouthSpark Live Action Plan

This workbook helps you develop an action plan for your individual path, specific to your chosen track and personal mission.

Those attending YouthSpark Live events will get the chance to work on their Action Plan at the event, with support from Microsoft employees and community leaders. They will see what like-minded peers are striving towards and get feedback on their ideas. Anyone can utilize the Action Plan right now and start planning for their future - Download the Action Plan now!

"I've managed to find a balance between what I do in the corporate world and what I do with my business. There are synergies there."
Johnnie Lovett