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Explore open datasets and learn how other researchers have used them to solve societal challenges.

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Putting data to work means making data more accessible and easier to share.

Learn more about the tools, frameworks, and templates available to enable more secure and streamlined access to data.


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Explore open data in action

Explore Microsoft’s data collaborations for examples of using open data and data sharing models to solve societal challenges.

Data collaborations

Make data sharing easier

Data sharing agreements can take months to draw up, oftentimes deterring organizations from sharing data at all. To help, Microsoft has drafted agreements that govern the sharing of data, particularly in the context of training AI models.

Data sharing agreement templates

Inspire leaders to put data to work

A tool organizational leaders can use to further understand how best to put data to work to solve important societal challenges.

Open Data for Social Impact Framework


Differential privacy

Differential privacy introduces statistical noise–slight alterations–to mask datasets and protect the privacy of individuals.

Learn about differential privacy

Azure confidential computing

Confidential computing helps to protect sensitive data in the cloud by offering security through data-in-use encryption–additional protection for your data while it's being processed.

Read about Azure confidential computing

Azure open datasets

A curated collection of publicly available datasets that are ready to use in machine learning workflows and easy to access from Azure services.

Review the Azure open datasets

Microsoft Research Open Data

A collection of free datasets from Microsoft Research to advance state-of-the-art research in areas such as natural language processing, computer vision, and domain specific sciences.

Explore Microsoft Research Open Data