Machine Reading Comprehension

Machine Reading Comprehension

Established: July 9, 2019



Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC), or the ability to read and understand unstructured text and then answer questions about it remains a challenging task for computers. MRC is a growing field of research due to its potential in various enterprise applications, as well as the availability of MRC benchmarking datasets (MSMARCO, SQuAD, NewsQA, etc.)

At Microsoft Research Montreal, we are developing algorithms that can learn to answer questions about new documents with limited amount of training data, incorporate common sense, and leverage external knowledge about the world. Our primary goal is questioning-answering in the real world: we envision an experience where getting the answers you need to complex questions about your documents is simple, effective, and intuitive.

We’ve created an interactive demo that showcases the question answering technology developed using MRC.

Try the Welcome To Canada Demo


Blogs & podcasts

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Building Literate Machines with Dr. Adam Trischler

Learning to read, think and communicate effectively is part of the curriculum for every young student. But Dr. Adam Trischler, Research Manager and leader of the Machine Comprehension team at Microsoft Research Montreal, would like to make it part of the curriculum for your computer as well…

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Microsoft creates AI that can read a document and answer questions about it as well as a person

Microsoft researchers have created technology that uses artificial intelligence to read a document and answer questions about it about as well as a human. It’s a major milestone in the push to have search engines such as Bing and intelligent assistants such as Cortana interact with people and provide information in more natural ways, much like people communicate…

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