Microsoft Research Lab – Montreal

Microsoft Research Lab – Montreal

Established: 2017

“We’re solving fundamental challenges in deep learning and natural language to power a new era of artificial intelligence.”

— Kaheer Suleman, Principal Research Program Manager and Co Founder


The Microsoft Research Montreal lab plays a fundamental role in the state-of-the art research that aims to teach machines to read, think and communicate like humans. The lab was founded in 2015 as Maluuba, and acquired by Microsoft in 2017. Located in Montreal, the fastest growing AI community in the world, the lab fosters open collaborations with partners throughout industry and academic institutions in the city and around the world.

Research in the lab focuses on machine reading comprehension, dialogue and reinforcement learning. Microsoft Research Montreal is the company’s largest natural language processing lab and each year hosts research, applied research and engineering interns from around the world.

We welcome you to join the Microsoft Research Montreal lab to help tackle reasoning, decision-making and communication in machines through groundbreaking fundamental research






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