Dramatic cloud over city of Montreal skyline at Quebec, Canada.

Microsoft Research Lab – Montréal

The Microsoft Research Montréal lab strives to build machines that learn from and understand the world by bringing together researchers in the machine learning, reinforcement learning and FATE (fairness accountability, transparency and ethics in AI) research areas.

With a focus on advancing the state-of-the-art in deep learning, the lab’s researchers accelerate research breakthroughs across both existing and new models to advance state-of-the-art deep learning that has a positive impact on society.

Based in Montréal, a global hub for AI, the lab brings together experts in various machine learning domains and collaborates deeply with the surrounding academic community.

Learn more about our partnership and collaboration with Mila (Montréal Institute of Learning Algorithms) and Professor Yoshua Bengio.

Transforming the world through deep research

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