Microsoft Hololens headset with black background

Mixed Reality & AI Lab – Zurich

The Microsoft Mixed Reality & AI Lab – Zurich is focused on building the future of mixed reality using computer vision to map and understand the environment, recognize and track relevant objects, and assist users performing tasks. The lab is also exploring the synergies between mixed reality and robotics.

Marc Pollefeys, who leads this lab, is a Partner Director of Science at Microsoft and also a Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. He is best known for his work in 3D computer vision, having been the first to develop a software pipeline to automatically turn photographs into 3D models, but also works on robotics, graphics, and machine learning problems.

In the context of the lab Microsoft and ETH Zurich, the top technical school in continental Europe, have established a strategic partnership allowing close collaboration in multiple areas of mixed reality and AI. The lab is further collaborating with other top institutions such as EPFL and INRIA.

The lab is currently recruiting world-class, diverse expertise across computer vision, graphics, machine learning, robotics, interaction, and software engineering.

headshot of Marc Pollefeys, Lab Director, Mixed Reality and AI Zurich

“We are envisioning the future, when relevant information appears mixed in with the world, not on your desk or on your mobile device, but in context with your environment—when and where you want it—to help you solve complicated tasks.”

Marc Pollefeys, Lab Director, Mixed Reality and AI Lab – Zurich