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  1. head shot of Danielle Bragg for the Microsoft Research Podcast

    Accessible systems for sign language computation with Dr. Danielle Bragg

    Many computer science researchers set their sights on building general AI technologies that could impact hundreds of millions – or even billions – of people. But Dr. Danielle Bragg, a senior researcher at MSR’s New England lab, has a slightly smaller and more specific population…
    Episode 118 |
  2. head shot of Dr. Siddhartha Sen for the Microsoft Research Podcast

    Harvesting randomness, HAIbrid algorithms and safe AI with Dr. Siddhartha Sen

    Dr. Siddhartha Sen is a Principal Researcher in MSR’s New York City lab, and his research interests are, if not impossible, at least impossible sounding: optimal decision making, universal data structures, and verifiably safe AI. Today, he tells us how he’s using reinforcement learning and…
    Episode 116 |
  3. Photo of Devon Hjelm for the Microsoft Research Podcast

    Diving into Deep InfoMax with Dr. Devon Hjelm

    Dr. Devon Hjelm is a senior researcher at the Microsoft Research lab in Montreal, and on the podcast, he joins me to dive deep into his research on Deep InfoMax, a novel self-supervised learning approach to training AI models – and getting good representations –…
    Episode 115 |
  4. Photo of Dr. Philip Bernstein for the Microsoft Research Podcast

    Project Orleans and the distributed database future with Dr. Philip Bernstein

    Forty years ago, database research was an “exotic” field and, because of its business data processing reputation, was not considered intellectually interesting in academic circles. But that didn’t deter Dr. Philip Bernstein, now a Distinguished Scientist in MSR’s Data Management, Exploration and Mining group, and…
    Episode 114 |
  5. headshot of Microsoft President Brad Smith for the Microsoft Research Podcast

    An interview with Microsoft President Brad Smith

    Brad Smith is the President of Microsoft and leads a team of more than 1400 employees in 56 countries. He plays a key role in spearheading the company’s work on critical issues involving the intersection of technology and society. In his spare time, he’s also…
    Episode 113 |