Audio and acoustics

Audio and acoustics

Exploring the realm of sound to advance technologies that can better hear and understand people and environments.

Imagining and discovering new possibilities of sound while developing ideas that translate into strategic impact across Microsoft top product teams. State-of-the-art research in audio and acoustics leverages revolutionary toolsets to create breadth and depth innovations that change the way people work, play, learn and grow across the world.


Focus areas

Sound capture and speech enhancement

Empowering people to interact powerfully with machines as well as building better devices that use speakers and microphones, making possible everything from smarter shopping to safer cities.

Spatial audio

Defining and expanding understanding of human perception of space through audio as well as creating conceptual soundscapes in AR and VR. Harnessing data from sound to generate insights, broadcast alerts and explore issues and concerns that affect daily life.

Audio understanding

Taking research beyond the realm of speech recognition and into true human capabilities such as emotional recognition and audio event and background detection and analysis. Humans do it; machines should be able to too.

Audio devices

Leveraging revolutionary developments in neural networks in AI to create new abilities that lead to innovative ideas, communication of insights and significant academic and consumer impact. Transforming the tools and techniques that advance the creation and evolution of future Microsoft products.

Wearable devices

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn state-of-the-art signal processing into stories conveyed by human motion and told through audio that can advance the art of living in everything from medicine to sports applications.