My research interests are in the field of audio and acoustic signal processing, e.g. speech enhancement, microphone array processing, acoustic localization and tracking, acoustic parameter estimation, perceptual acoustics and spatial audio.

I work closely with product teams at Microsoft to develop algorithms to suppress noise, reverberation and interfering speakers, to clean up microphone signals for communication or speech recognition.

Academic career

2018-present: Post-doctoral researcher at Microsoft Research
2018: Research intern at Microsoft Research
2012-2018: PhD (Dr.-Ing.) at the International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (FAU Erlangen in collaboration with Fraunhofer IIS). Thesis “Speech dereverberation in noisy environments using time-frequency domain signal models
2017: Research visit at MUSAE Lab at INRS, Montreal, Canada.
2006-2012: Bsc and Msc (Dipl.-Ing.) in electrical and sound engineering at TU and KU Graz, Austria