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Microsoft Research Cambridge

Transforming the world through deep research

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“At Microsoft Research in Cambridge, our mission is to transform the world through deep research. We do this by working together in an interdisciplinary way, in close collaboration with the broader Microsoft business, to ensure that we are designing robust and trusted technologies to empower millions of people worldwide. To truly understand how we can empower others, we need to put the people at the centre of what we do. In a hybrid world the dynamics of how we work, communicate and feel a sense of connection with others is evolving, which is a significant opportunity for our research. I am proud to be part of a team who is so enthusiastically committed to exploring and pushing the boundaries for the benefit of our society.”

Abigail Sellen, Distinguished Scientist and Lab Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Microsoft Research Cambridge is part of a global network of Research Labs, with whom we partner. Given our proximity, we partner particularly closely with MSR Africa, Nairobi.

Our Areas of Excellence

Equitable AI

Building globally equitable AI systems and technologies through deep multi-disciplinary research.

Future AI Infrastructure

Designing future hardware technologies for Microsoft’s Cloud and AI data centers, spanning storage, networking and compute, as well as other hardware that can be used in our cloud.

Machine Intelligence

Solving fundamental machine learning problems in critical domains of science, industry, and society, using an interdisciplinary approach that includes mathematical thinking, engineering excellence, and domain understanding.

New Computing Experience

Defining new technologies, experiences and paradigms to help people thrive in an AI-enabled ecosystem.

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photo of Abigail Sellen

Abi Sellen

Lab Director & Distinguished Scientist

Aditya Nori

Aditya Nori

Partner Research Manager

headshot of Ant Rowstron

Ant Rowstron

Deputy Lab Director & Distinguished Engineer

Hitesh Ballani

Hitesh Ballani

Partner Research Manager

Photo of Rachel Howard

Rachel Howard

Director Business Management & Ops

Photo of  Siân Lindley

Siân Lindley

Deputy Lab Director & Senior Principal Research Manager