Microsoft Research Lab – Cambridge

photo of Abigail Sellen

“At Microsoft Research in Cambridge, our mission is to transform the world through deep research. We do this by working together in an interdisciplinary way, in close collaboration with the broader Microsoft business, to ensure that we are designing robust and trusted technologies to empower millions of people worldwide. To truly understand how we can empower others, we need to put the people at the centre of what we do. In a hybrid world the dynamics of how we work, communicate and feel a sense of connection with others is evolving, which is a significant opportunity for our research. I am proud to be part of a team who is so enthusiastically committed to exploring and pushing the boundaries for the benefit of our society.”

Abigail Sellen, Distinguished Scientist and Lab Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Transforming the world through deep research

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A researcher in a research lab, leaning over an optical storage setup

Cloud Systems Futures 

Cloud computing relies on cloud infrastructure keeping pace with its massive scale and unending increase in demand. However, the continued doubling of infrastructure performance generation after generation is becoming harder to sustain, particularly…

Peter Bosher, middle, an audio engineer who is blind who worked with the Project Tokyo team early in the design process, checks out the latest iteration of the system at Microsoft’s research lab in Cambridge, UK, with researchers Martin Grayson, left, and Cecily Morrison, right. Photo by Jonathan Banks.

Collaborative Intelligence 

Social and technological changes are transforming human productivity, creativity, communication, and play. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated a shift to technology-mediated collaboration that was already underway, and advances in AI systems mean…