Microsoft Research Lab – Cambridge


Build your skills and experience

“Here, what you contribute to a project is as important as what anyone else on the team would contribute.”
Pushkar Mishra, former intern

During your 12 week internship, you’ll find out what it’s like to work in an industrial research lab and learn from world-leading researchers and engineers who are invested in helping you.

Build valuable relationships

“I feel like in the future if I needed my advisors and collaborators here, I could casually drop them an email – that’s pretty cool.”
Konstantinos Kamnitsas, former intern

You will be an important part of a team who want you to get the best out of your internship and will take the time to help you and discuss your ideas. You can also explore other subjects and opportunities through a personal mentor, hackathons and more.

Make a difference

“The opportunity to work on projects that are technically interesting and able to impact millions of users is the best part.”
Anna Thomas, former intern

Our interns have the opportunity to make significant contributions to work that could go on to impact Microsoft products. Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more, and you can be part of that.

Have fun

“Not only do you meet many interesting people, you can enjoy the rich history of the city, outdoor activities and events.”
Katja Kevic, former intern and post doc researcher

We hold a number of events and activities during the Summer to enable you to get to know others while enjoying what Cambridge has to offer.

Come as you are and do what you love

“It’s a really cool mix of thinking and having fun. You’re surrounded by really smart people, who you don’t expect to be so humble and kind to you.”
Nadeen Gebara, former intern

Microsoft is committed to supporting people in their personal and professional growth. We value inclusiveness and diversity, and work to ensure our interns feel valued, respected and encouraged.

Competitive pay and the opportunity to build your career with Microsoft

We offer a competitive salary, an accommodation allowance, free beverages and subsidised meals. Many of our interns have gone on to get full-time positions here or at other Microsoft locations. We mostly offer internships to Masters or PhD students, but will consider Undergraduates if the opportunity fits.

How to apply

Click on the links below to find out more and apply. We have now completed our hiring for the summer of 2020. We will re-open for applications for Summer 2021 at the end of October 2020.

Computer Graphics & Computational Optics

Microsoft Research is hiring interns to play an active role in an exciting research project involving Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs). This work is an ambitious but realistic attempt to develop the future headsets with a practical field of view, resolution, and form factor. Computational optics is a crucial element of this system.The project involves the design, building, programming, and testing of a new display system. Skills required include software, electronics, mathematics, and optics. The specific purpose of this internship is to improve the software model of the optical system.

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Deep Learning

The deep learning revolution has enabled novel applications in many domains such as vision, speech, natural language processing, and gaming. In the Machine Intelligence group we push the boundary of deep learning technology by inventing novel models and algorithms for challenging applications. Towards these goals we are looking for highly motivated interns on the following topics:• Neural networks applicable to graph-structured data such as molecules or programs.• Compilers and acceleration methods for deep learning training and inference.• Probabilistic deep learning: Bayesian deep learning, uncertainty quantification, and sequential decision making under uncertainty.

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The fast growth of the cloud is continuously driving hardware efficiency and performance in cloud infrastructure. Our work is exploring the technologies beyond traditional computer systems. Hardware customization is playing a major role in a variety of projects across the lab. Today, nearly every new server in Microsoft data centers integrates an FPGA into a unique distributed architecture, which creates an interconnected and configurable hardware layer that extends the CPU layer. We have an unprecedented platform to explore new ideas for hardware acceleration and prototyping. FPGAs are being used to build complex data store abstractions, optical networking stacks, and storage control systems. We design and build systems that can be deployed at cloud scale and work with product teams to contribute to Microsoft’s services.

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Machine Learning for Visual Communication

You will build and evaluate machine learning models and algorithms to solve real-world problems. You will be working closely with leading machine learning researchers, practitioners, and software engineers to generate and evaluate state-of-the-art algorithms.

Internship duration can vary from 3 to 6 months.

There is no closing deadline for this post. The post will be filled once suitable candidates are found so if you are interested please apply as soon as possible.

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Mixed Reality & AI

The Mixed Reality & AI Lab in Cambridge is looking for Research Interns in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Our team is building the future of collaboration in mixed reality through virtual presence technologies including HoloLens 2 and beyond. We continue to advance the state of the art in computer vision, AI, neural rendering, graphics, human understanding, and deep learning. Interns will have the opportunity to make a real contribution to our team’s impact on the world.

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Reinforcement Learning for Game Intelligence

The Machine Intelligence group at Microsoft Research Cambridge, is seeking exceptional intern candidates in the area of Reinforcement Learning (RL) or a related field, who are highly motivated to tackle challenges that arise in applications of RL to modern video games. Working closely with researchers from Microsoft for the duration of 12 weeks, you will advance the state of the art in this space by developing novel models and algorithms.

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