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Microsoft Research Lab – Africa, Nairobi

MARI is now Microsoft Research Africa

MARI’s (Microsoft Africa Research Institute) mission to understand, build, and deploy innovative cloud and AI technologies which not only address core opportunities in Africa and contribute to solving local challenges at scale, but which contribute to creating a more productive future of work globally remain a core focus as the team now operates as Microsoft Research Africa, Nairobi. The move to Microsoft Research a reflection of the important foundational work the team does, and Microsoft Research Africa will continue to foster a close relationship between research and product. 

Research verticals

MSR Africa Lab - photo of two people sitting at a desk and reviewing a laptop computer

Addressing real workplace needs

MSR Africa Lab - photo of two women, a doctor and a patient, talking and looking at a laptop computer

Low-cost healthcare at scale

MSR Africa Lab - photo of a farmer standing in a cornfield reviewing a tablet

Society & sustainability