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“MSR India conducts research across a wide spectrum of topics spanning foundations of computer science, systems, security, machine learning and artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, and the role of technology in solving societal problems. Our researchers are curious and bold, and we have a track record of pushing the frontiers of knowledge in theory as well as real-world systems. We collaborate freely with academia, and play an active role in mentoring and training young researchers.”

Sriram Rajamani, PhD, Managing Director, Microsoft Research India

Portait of Sriram Rajamani

In keeping with the global mission of Microsoft Research, Microsoft Research India is engaged in cutting-edge basic and applied research in multiple fields in computing, information technology, and related areas.  Microsoft Research India also collaborates extensively with the Indian and international scientific community and other Microsoft research labs to help push forward the boundaries of research. Our current areas of work range from theoretical computer science (algorithms, cryptography, complexity), systems (distributed systems and networking, programming languages and tools, security and privacy), machine learning and artificial intelligence (natural language processing, human computer interaction), and applications of technology for emerging markets to solve societal problems (education, health, affordable access to technology).

India has a population of more than a billion people, more than 20 officially recognized languages, and innumerable dialects and startlingly different terrains and cultures. While 60% of the population derives its income from agriculture and related activities, India also has one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic IT industries. This wide, and sometimes stark, diversity makes it an ideal environment for research in a number of areas.

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