Portrait of Siân Lindley

Siân Lindley

Principal Research Manager


I am a social scientist on Alexandria, a project at the intersection of the Future of Work and Machine Intelligence at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Through interdisciplinary work, we ship systems, produce user insights, and develop envisionments and prototypes.

I am currently researching human-AI collaboration in the context of enterprise knowledge applications, with a specific focus on sense-making, content reuse and remix, and cross-application workflows. While knowledge work is the primary focus here, I am also interested in front-line work.

Whilst at Microsoft I have also studied digital possessions (you can find out more by watching my TEDx talk), web use, technology for older adults, wearable cameras, messaging devices and situated displays. I have a PhD in Psychology from the University of York and an MSc in Human-Centred Computing Systems from the University of Sussex. I was a Lecturer at UCL before joining Microsoft in 2007.