Portrait of Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson

Partner Research Manager


I am a partner research manager at Microsoft Research. My work is focused on applying sensing techniques to enable new styles of human-computer interaction. Today that means multi-touch and gesture-based interfaces, display technologies, depth cameras and so-called “natural” interfaces. In 2002 I helped found the Surface Computing group at Microsoft. I direct the Perception and Interaction research group at Microsoft Research.

Before joining Microsoft, I obtained my BA at Cornell University, and MS and PhD at the MIT Media Laboratory. I grew up in Carversville, Pennsylvania and now live in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.

You can view videos of my work and collaborators’ work on my YouTube channel.


February 2018: I am honored to be elected to the CHI Academy.

November 2015: I am the proud recipient of ACM ICMI’s Lasting Impact Award for my 2004 paper “TouchLight: an imaging touch screen and display for gesture-based interaction“.

At BUILD 2015 we introduced the RoomAlive Toolkit, an open source SDK that calibrates multiple Kinect and multple projectors to enable interactive projection mapping experiences like that of RoomAlive and IllumiRoom. Ben Lower and I introduce the Toolkit and describe some of its components in a Channel9 video available here. Source code is on GitHub here.

Professional Activities
I’ve been active in the UIST, CHI, Tabletop (now Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces), ICMI, and Ubicomp academic communities, where I’ve have had the pleasure of serving on various program committees. I co-chaired IEEE Tabletop 2007, chaired ACM UIST 2009 and ACM SUI 2014. I tend to publish under the name “Andrew D. Wilson“.