Portrait of Martin Grayson

Martin Grayson

Principal Research Software Development Engineer


I am an engineering manager in the Future of Work (opens in new tab) group, working across design and development, to build new user experiences that can enhance people’s everyday lives at home and at work. I am particularly interested in experiences that bring people to together, digitally and in person, supporting collaboration and social interaction. In Project Tokyo (opens in new tab), we are using AI and Augmented Reality devices to create people centred and accessible technologies to support children who are blind or have low vision develop key social skills.

During my time at Microsoft, I have worked within our consulting organisation as a UX developer, creating apps and services for enterprise customers. As an engineer for Windows Phone and Windows, bringing top apps to the Microsoft App store, and most recently as an engineer within Microsoft Research. I have always had an interest in user experience design and development, creating AI powered apps for mobile, desktop, AR and VR.