Dramatic cloud over city of Montreal skyline at Quebec, Canada.

Microsoft Research Lab – Montréal

About our internships

This program is for candidates who are passionate about artificial intelligence and offer diverse perspectives.

How to apply

MSR Montreal is excited to offer a number of Summer 2022 Internship opportunities across a number of research areas. For further information about the roles and application requirements please see our job postings below.

To be eligible to apply you must be currently enrolled in a relevant PhD program and located within Canada or the USA for the duration of the internship.

Being an Intern at MSR Montreal

During the 12-week internship, you will be supporting Microsoft with its mission of empowering every person to achieve more.

We don’t just value differences, we seek them out. We invite them in. We are a team of individuals at a truly global company who work to ensure our interns feel valued, respected, included, and encouraged.

There are great opportunities for you to build upon your skills and experience with us as you will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from our world-leading research team who are dedicated and invested in helping you. You will be working on strategically important research areas that will shape and drive innovation within the AI space and be given intellectual freedom whilst working in a supportive environment.

Microsoft Research Montreal researchers and interns participating in a fun activity. Des chercheurs et des stagiaires de Microsoft Research Montréal participent à une activité amusante.
Microsoft Research Montreal researchers working together in a large office. Des chercheurs de Microsoft Research Montréal travaillent ensemble dans un grand bureau.
Microsoft Research Montreal female researcher presenting in front of large group of interns. Une chercheuse de Microsoft Research Montréal présente devant un grand groupe de stagiaires.
Microsoft Research Montreal researchers and interns collaborating around a table. Des chercheurs et des stagiaires de Microsoft Research Montréal collaborent autour d’une table.

Build valuable relationships

We offer multiple opportunities to connect, network, and build lasting relationships throughout the intern program through a variety of collaboration and networking events, workshops, and research talks. You will be an important part of a team, and your mentor is dedicated to ensuring you to get the best out of your internship and will take the time to help you and discuss your ideas.

“Getting to interact with Yoshua Bengio about the project was the highlight of the internship”.

Have fun

Microsoft Research Montreal interns being treated to ice cream cart. Les stagiaires de Microsoft Research Montréal traités à un chariot à crème glacée.

We hold a number of events and activities during the summer to enable you to get to know others and try something new while enjoying what MSR Montreal has to offer.

“I attended meditation sessions, a cocktail class, a tri-lab speed networking event, all were great fun.”

“Receiving little packages in the mail with supplies for the events brightened my days during the lockdown in a way that I didn’t expect and truly appreciated.”

Competitive pay and the opportunity to build your career with Microsoft

We offer a competitive salary and an accommodation allowance. Many of our interns have gone on to get full-time positions here or at other Microsoft locations. Our internships are exclusively offered to PhD students.

Microsoft Reseach Montreal's expansive cafeteria and kitchen. Microsoft Reseach La grande cafétéria et la cuisine de Montréal.
A large office space with a long table and chairs, bench seating, and whiteboard at Microsoft Research Montreal. Un grand espace de bureau avec une longue table et des chaises, des sièges de banc et un tableau blanc chez Microsoft Research Montréal.
Open cubicle office spaces at Microsoft Research Montreal. Ouvrir des bureaux cubiques chez Microsoft Research Montréal.