Our actions

At Microsoft, we're optimistic about the benefits of technology, but also clear-eyed about the challenges. You can't drive positive impact with technology if people don't trust the technologies or the companies behind them. So we take our responsibility to earn trust seriously. Without it, progress is not possible. That's why we work across sectors to create solutions with lasting impact.

Respect privacy

Privacy is deeply woven into who we are as a company. Our approach is grounded in our belief that customers own their data.

Advance cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a central challenge in the digital age. Microsoft analyzes more than 8 trillion signals daily to generate insights that fuel security innovation for our customers.

Develop and use tech responsibly

As technology becomes more sophisticated and more embedded in our daily lives, we must build it responsibly—from design to deployment—to avoid unintended consequences. The key question isn't what technology can do, but what it should do.

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