Our actions

To create positive impact with technology, people need to be able to trust the technologies they use and the companies behind them. That’s why we’re committed to advancing cybersecurity and digital safety, leading the responsible use of AI, and protecting privacy.

Advance cybersecurity and digital safety

We are committed to protecting our users from illegal and harmful content and conduct, while respecting human rights. We will continue to support multistakeholder approaches to address complex digital safety challenges.

Develop and use tech responsibly

As technology like AI becomes more embedded in our daily lives, we must build it responsibly—from design to deployment—to avoid unintended consequences. The question isn't what technology can do, but what it should do.

Protect privacy

Our efforts to earn trust focus on preserving customers’ control over their data and their ability to make informed choices that protect their privacy. We advocate for strong global privacy and data protection laws requiring companies, including ours, to only collect and use personal data in responsible, accountable ways.

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Progress toward a better future

As we work to help everyone achieve more, we're committed to improving our world and reporting our progress.

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