Our actions

We believe economic opportunity can and must be inclusive. That's why we invest to help individuals, organizations, communities, and countries access pathways to growth and opportunity. When each of us succeeds, we all succeed. That's why we work across sectors to create solutions with lasting impact.

Ensure access to technology, skills, and opportunity

We must ensure every person has access to the technology, skills, and opportunity to pursue in-demand jobs in a changing world. This includes connecting people and communities to affordable broadband, increasing access to digital skills, and creating more accessible technology and workplaces for the more than one billion people around the world with a disability.

Protect public health

Public health is an issue that impacts every person on the planet, transcends every border, and is critical to our ability to survive and thrive. Unbalanced access to health care exacerbates inequities in economic opportunity. Technology can play an important role in responding to health crises, advancing research, and improving access to care for traditionally marginalized communities.

Accelerate impact in our communities

Local communities, nonprofits, humanitarian organizations, and social entrepreneurs around the world are helping address society's biggest challenges. We partner with them to amplify their impact.

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