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Healthy democracies require healthy news ecosystems. Technology has played a role in the disruption of news, but it can also be an important part of the rebuilding effort. Microsoft, and its Democracy Forward program, provide a host of tools and services to help journalists and newsrooms achieve more.

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Rebuild capacity

In partnership with newsrooms, community foundations, and other civic leaders and organizations, we’re experimenting with new, hybrid operating models with the goal of providing valuable insight into sustainable solutions that can be deployed at scale across the world.

Restore trust

To restore trust, we’ll need to use a combination of tools and technologies to counter deep fakes and other online disinformation. Our goal is to promote digital media literacy education that provides the framework for finding, consuming, and sharing trusted, fact-based news and information.

Reduce risk

Journalists around the world are increasingly subject to physical, cyber and legal attacks—especially reporters covering conflict, governmental abuses, and corruption. To enhance their safety, cloud computing, AI, AccountGuard, and a pro bono legal support program are crucial tools.

Rebuild capacity

Turning the lights back on in news deserts

Check out Northwestern University Medill School’s animated map highlighting where news deserts across the country are opening new news outlets or reinventing legacy outlets with Microsoft technology’s support.

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Journalism Guidebook for rebuilding scalable solutions

Learn about sustainable business practices from the new Microsoft Journalism Guidebook, a functional guide for communities rebuilding scalable local news and information ecosystems. Explore our interactive map to find tailored solutions for your newsroom.

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Data visualization

Apply to work with the Enlighten Designs team to add additional capacity to your newsroom and bring your readers deeper into your news stories through high quality data visualization.

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Microsoft 365 for Journalists

Increase the efficiency and reach of the newsroom by leveraging apps, training videos, and tools that maximize your Microsoft 365 experience to improve your research, reporting, and reach to your community.

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LinkedIn for Journalists

Increase your social media reach and engagement by accessing LinkedIn’s free premium level content and trainings for journalists.

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Technology discounts for nonprofit newsrooms

Gain access to technology grants and free custom-built Microsoft software solutions to manage your business, increase your capacity, and reduce costs for your nonprofit newsroom.

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Power BI training for data journalism

Improve your storytelling and increase your audience reach by enrolling in free training to bring your data alive through powerful data visualization tools.

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AI tools to expand reach and impact

Nota brings AI-enabled tools to publishers, particularly small or medium sized minority-owned publishers or those located near news deserts, that help cut pain points and build efficiency. Nota’s tools help publishers and journalists focus on creating and sharing meaningful content.

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Local News AI

Check out the Associated Press’ Local News AI, a two-year initiative helping U.S. local newsrooms identify and adopt artificial intelligence-based solutions.

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Restore trust

Content provenance

The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) standard provides technology that creates digital media provenance. As a founding member, Microsoft can assist with access to this tool providing greater trust among news consumers against altered media.

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Journalism Trust Initiative

The Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Journalism Trust Initiative is a certification program that promotes and rewards compliance with journalism norms and ethics. Microsoft provides white-glove, subsidized access to this program.

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Trusted news ratings

NewsGuard is a publisher rating system that reviews sites based on their adherence to nine journalistic criteria. These scores are used by advertisers and brands to gauge the trustworthiness of a site.

Reduce risk

Pro bono legal services

U.S. organizations can gain no-cost legal help with prepublication review and public records access through Microsoft, Davis Wright Tremaine, The Knight Foundation, and Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press’ ProJourn program.

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Clooney Foundation TrialWatch

Find resources for persecuted journalists and newsrooms under threat who do not have access to the legal services through Clooney Foundation’s TrialWatch.

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Hybrid threat trainings

Enroll in cybersecurity training for journalists to better protect yourself from threats.

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TrustLaw’s global legal support

Learn more about Microsoft and Thomson Reuters Foundation's TrustLaw offering providing global legal support to journalists and newsrooms.

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If you would like to learn more about the Microsoft journalism initiative or any of the corresponding programs, including the local news pilot program for community foundations, newsrooms, and higher educational institutions, please contact us.

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