Sharing resources for change

Inclusion is an intentional act. Inclusive environments are the result of the purposeful acts of individuals that make others feel valued, heard, and included. At Microsoft, our cultural transformation calls on each of us to be open to learning our own biases and changing our behaviors so we can tap into the power of our diversity.


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We would like to thank our partners Golden Interactive Media, Von Piglet Productions, and IBIS for their contributions in bringing this training to life.

Helping diverse talent fall in love with tech

Empowering learners

Attracting more women and minorities to fill the college and university STEM pipelines starts with teaching fundamental digital skills and generating excitement for tech as early as possible. Engaging youth in fun and meaningful technology experiences lets them see themselves as technologists of the future and inspires them to want to do great things with tech.

Partnering to advance the work of diversity & inclusion

We work with and support global, national and local organizations whose mission and work align with our objectives to advance diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and in workplaces around the world through research, benchmarking, program development, and advocacy platforms.

Fostering a diverse tech community

Empowering professionals

To help accelerate the progress of diversity efforts industry-wide, we are looking beyond traditional technology education institutions for new sources of qualified talent. We are actively hiring professionals
with degrees in the arts as well as students without traditional four-year degrees.

Partnering to develop and engage employees

These organizations connect us to diverse communities of professionals and provide Microsoft employees with networking and professional development opportunities.

Using our scale for good

Microsoft focuses its resources on doing business with companies that share our interest in increasing workforce inclusion and supporting employees and their families.