AEC Company Supports End-To-End Processes, Growth with ERP Solution

Following growth through acquisition, Keller Foundations inherited a range of systems and found itself needing to undergo the tedious consolidation of finances at the corporate level, while still supporting a myriad of business functions. Addressing these challenges and needs, the company deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX for its robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities. Brian Seymour, CIO of Keller Foundations says, “We saw Microsoft Dynamics AX as the solution that would take us to the next level as a business. It provided the range of modules we needed, so we wouldn’t have to keep building point solutions, while also offering the flexibility to meet our industry requirements.”

Since standardizing on Microsoft Dynamics AX, the company has improved business insight and significantly streamlined reporting. Keller Foundations has also used its ERP deployment as an opportunity to streamline a range of business processes, and has even achieved economies of scale in the deployment process itself as it brings more of its subsidiaries into the system and continues to grow.

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