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Access the tools and support you need at every step of your journey

Transform your development experience and launch faster with the exclusive benefits of ISV Success, including AI services, developer tools, and expert consultations.

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Grow your business with powerful tools

Access cloud credits and developer tools—free for 12 months with no commitment to renew.

Grow your business with powerful tools

Products & Benefits


Retail value

AI & Copilot

Azure AI Studio
M365 Copilot Dev Access
Access to latest AI models and limited services, including cognitive and voice services
Skilling on latest innovations

Microsoft Azure

To use towards building your solution and accessing the latest AI models $5K credit for Core Package
$25k credit for Expanded Package

GitHub Enterprise Cloud subscription

20 seats

24/7 support

Included in the first year of benefits only


Visual Studio subscription benefits

  • 25 users
  • Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise
  • Visual Studio for Mac 2022
  • Azure DevOps Basic + Test Plans

Azure Standard support plan

  • Submit issues 24/7
  • Unlimited tickets
  • <-1 hour response times

Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service and Customer Service partner sandbox

  • 25 seats
  • Revenue forecasting 

Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription

  • 25 seats
  • 24/7 support

1:1 Technical Consults

3 hours for Core Package
50 hours for Expanded Package

Community, content, events and tooling

Engage with peers and Microsoft experts through Marketplace Community
Access curated content
Events and personalized guidance through app advisor
Leverage automation with SaaS Accelerator

Core Package

All Partners, upon initially joining ISV Success to publish an application to the Commercial Marketplace
  • $126,000 (USD) value for first year
  • $121,000 (USD) value for subsequent years
  • $1,500 (USD) Fee for subsequent years

Expanded Package

Select Partners, based on prior performance, and a desire to transact on the marketplace within 90 days of publishing a new application
  • $146,000 (USD) value for first year
  • $141,000 (USD) value for subsequent years
  • $4,000 (USD) Fee for subsequent years

*Azure AI provides the tools, services, and guidelines to help you use AI responsibly while also preserving data privacy, transparency, and trust. Learn more

Build, publish, and grow your applications with ISV Success

Accelerate time to market with expert guidance

Go to market faster with app and marketplace advice from Microsoft experts.

App architecture design

Kick off your project with a 1:1 technical engineering session to plan your app design. 

App architecture review

Finalize your project and optimize your app for the Microsoft Cloud with a technical engineering review session.

Publishing consult

Get step-by-step technical guidance on how to publish your app to the commercial marketplace.

Listing optimization

Optimize your marketplace listing and drive customer engagement with expert guidance.

Grow with Marketplace Rewards

Access valuable marketing and sales benefits through Marketplace Rewards when you sell your solutions on the Microsoft commercial marketplace. Learn how you can expedite your business growth with benefits that grow with you, like up to $400K (USD) in Azure.

Get inspired with content and community

Discover new ways to build, publish, and grow with training resources and community events.

Explore curated content for ISVs

Find code samples, client libraries, reference architecture, and SaaS accelerator tools.

Accelerate your growth with events

Attend virtual and community events to hear from experts, ask questions, and increase your knowledge.

Join the community

Connect with peers and Microsoft experts, get support, and participate in ask-me-anything sessions.

Get free tools, consulting, and resources

Reach millions of potential customers through the Microsoft commercial marketplace with ISV Success.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, if you are engaged in or pursuing Azure IP co-sell, ISV Success can help in the following ways:

    1. Publishing transactable offers. Having a transactable offer in the commercial marketplace is a new baseline requirement to access co-sell benefits. ISV Success can help you upgrade existing listings to transactable with benefits such as the 1:1 technical app publishing consultations. Additionally you can access on-demand resources, Office Hours and the Marketplace Community to get questions answered on transactable publishing. 
    2. Unlocking co-sell benefits. Once published, ISV Success provides go-to-market benefits that help accelerate your sales through marketplace. Marketplace sales are one path to earning co-sell benefits such as accessing customers’ committed Azure budgets and Microsoft seller incentivization.
  • To unlock Azure IP co-sell benefits you need to demonstrate either Azure Consumption Revenue (ACR) OR marketplace performance. Marketplace performance, based on the full sales price of your application, provides an accelerated path both to accessing customers’ committed cloud budgets for app purchases and to top tier benefits such as seller incentivization. 

    The sales and marketing benefits in Marketplace Rewards can help you generate marketplace transactions and billed sales to earn these co-sell benefits. Learn more about becoming Azure IP co-sell eligible. 

  • Yes, ISV Success gives you access and helps you to prepare for our current and future innovations. 

    • Build your own AI and large language models (LLM) with Azure OpenAI in a private enterprise-grade environment.   
    • Innovate with Azure Cognitive Services and the low-code technology of Microsoft Power Platform that help you develop apps quickly. 
    • Learn more about upcoming feature roadmaps, share feedback on in-development work, and engage Microsoft 365 product groups with the Technology Adoption Program (TAP). 
    • Accelerate development, spending less time on repetitive code, and more time building innovative applications thanks to GitHub Copilot. ISV Success participants will have GitHub Copilot included in their benefits coming in 2024. 

    In addition, ISV Success participants gain access to regular live training sessions with our Microsoft Engineering teams on the latest advancements in our AI platforms. 

  • ISVs are eligible to participate if they’re currently building a B2B application using the Microsoft Cloud, and they’re willing to publish this app to the Microsoft commercial marketplace. Additionally, any ISVs not yet part of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program will need to join prior to participating.

    1Additional eligibility requirements may apply.

  • The benefits are available for 12 months after signing up. At the end of 12 months, ISVs that meet the requirements will be able to purchase discounted benefits packages, starting early 2024.

  • Marketplace Rewards, which are part of ISV Success, support partners with sales and marketing benefits. Benefits are available to all publishers at no cost and increase based on marketplace performance. The benefits—which include listing optimization services, social promotion, seller webinars, and free Azure Sponsorship to support demos, trials, and close deals—serve to both reward and accelerate further sales. Partners who activate Marketplace Rewards have 5x higher Marketplace Billed Sales than those who have not.

  • Our partnership with Tackle, provides a subsidized offer to help accelerate your journey to marketplace with expertise to onboard, mature, and grow your marketplace sales. Ask your ISV Success Engagement Manager for more information on this offer.

  • New expanded benefits are only available through invitation. ISV Success members will be invited by ISV Success Engagement Managers (EM) based on performance criteria. To qualify, an ISV must meet at least one proven performance criteria or show high potential. You can find additional information about expanded benefits eligibility here.  

  • ISV Success build-and-publish benefits are free the first year and paid in subsequent years. Renewals will cost $1,500 (USD) for the Core Package and local prices and currencies may vary. Additional taxes and fees may apply. Renewal costs do not apply to Marketplace Rewards benefits. Marketplace Rewards benefits renew automatically each year at no cost. ISVs in the Core Package need to publish to the marketplace and have a subsequent app in development to qualify for paid renewals. ISVs will also need to continue to meet the eligibility criteria for ISV Success to renew both the Core Package and Expanded Package, which includes retaining an active Microsoft AI Cloud Partnership Program (MAICPP) status and having a B2B app in development. You can learn about the steps you can take in Partner Center here.

  • Yes, ISV Success benefits can complement other Microsoft programs like Microsoft for Startups to achieve the best outcomes for new offering in the Commercial Marketplace.

  • The benefit tiers are defined by the type of offer you publish through the Microsoft commercial marketplace, and your app performance. There are  performance-based benefit tiers based on three performance paths: Marketplace Billed Sales, Teams MAU, and Business Application Solution Value. See full details here.

  • Transactable offers: Partners publish offers that customers can purchase through a financial transaction with Microsoft. Microsoft collects funds and provides partners with their share of the revenue on a scheduled basis. Transactable offers qualify for additional benefits including Azure sponsorship funds to support marketplace sales and a dedicated Engagement Manager to help you maximize your benefits. Partners with transactable offers unlock benefits through marketplace performance-based benefit tiers. See full details here.


    Teams Apps and Business Applications: Teams App and qualifying Business Application offers qualify for additional benefits including Azure sponsorship funds to support marketplace sales and a dedicated Engagement Manager to help you maximize your benefits. Partners with Teams Apps and qualifying Business Applications unlock benefits through performance-based tiers based on Teams MAU or reported Business Applications Solution Value. See full details here.


    List offers: With list offers, partners publish their services, solutions, or offers through the marketplace so customers can find their listing(s). Marketplace Rewards benefits for this listing option are self-serve through Partner Center.


    BYOL (Bring Your Own License) offers: BYOL solutions are published by partners and can be purchased through the marketplace, but the financial transaction occurs outside the marketplace. BYOL offers are eligible for the same Marketplace Rewards benefits as list offers.


    Trial offers: Partners can publish trial versions of their solutions through the marketplace, which customers can then try at no cost to them. These offers are eligible for additional benefits. See full details here.


    Consulting service offers: Partners can publish five types of consulting service offers (assessment, briefing, proof of concept, implementation, and workshop), which require customers to contact partners directly. Assessments and briefings receive the same Marketplace Rewards benefits as list offers. Proof of concept, implementation, and workshop offers are eligible for additional benefits. See full details here.

  • A transactable offer is one in which Microsoft facilitates the exchange of money for a software license on the publisher’s behalf. Transact offers are billed against an existing Microsoft subscription or credit card, allowing Microsoft to host cloud marketplace transactions on behalf of the publisher. Learn more about Microsoft commercial marketplace transact capabilities in Partner Center documentation.

  • No, Marketplace Rewards benefits accrue based on your Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) of Marketplace Billed Sales (MBS), solution value, or Teams App monthly active users (MAU). 

  • Benefits will be refreshed yearly based on both: 

    • Your Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) of Marketplace Billed Sales (MBS).  
    •  The anniversary date of when you first received benefits.  
  • To activate any sales and marketing benefits, you must first assign a company marketing contact. This contact will receive follow-up communications about your Marketplace Rewards. For instructions on adding or updating your marketing contact, see the documentation in Partner Center.

    Once you’ve updated your marketing contact, select the Sales and Marketing benefits tab on the Marketplace Rewards page in Partner Center. Next, select Activate for the benefit or benefits you want to start using. After you activate a benefit, your marketing contact will be contacted by a member of the Marketplace Rewards team within a week.

  • Partners can email or contact their Marketplace Rewards Engagement Manager. In some instances, benefits are not provisioned through Partner Center and can be found in the Marketplace Rewards Tool Box. 

    Partners publishing Teams Apps or qualifying Business Applications will not see all their benefits in Partner Center. If we have published these types of marketplace offers, please reach out to

  • Yes. Additionally, partners will receive an email notifying them of the change in tier and the new benefits available to them.

    Yes. Additionally, partners will receive an email notifying them of the change in tier and the new benefits available to them.

  • Partners can access Marketplace Rewards benefits in the Marketplace Rewards Tool Box. For transact benefits, partners are assigned a dedicated Engagement Manager who will assist partners with accessing benefits through Teams meetings, emails, and the Marketplace Rewards Tool Box. 

  • Explore the Azure Sponsorship FAQ to learn about this benefit. 

    • The ISV Success enrollment begins by completing the ISV Success Application Form. If you'd like additional support in completing the application process, please check out this step-by-step tutorial :