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Power Virtual Agents + Community = Best practices for the new advanced authoring canvas

The new advanced authoring canvas in Power Virtual Agents has been in preview for a few weeks and is already seeing tremendous momentum. To celebrate, be sure to download the festive Power Virtual Agents Microsoft Teams background!
Power Virtual Agents Festive Background

But what truly made this feature release a success? The power of COMMUNITY!

We love working with our global community members who bring best practices, technical skills and opportunities to shine, share and celebrate Power Virtual Agents.

Keep reading to see all of the fantastic resources that the Power Platform community members have created.

Kevin Stratvert: Power Virtual Agents Chatbot Tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial, Kevin shows how you can build your own intelligent chatbots using the new Power Virtual Agents unified authoring canvas.

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Rishona Elijah (MVP) gives a tour PVA unified authoring canvas

In this article, Rishona gives an overview of changes and new features:

  • Use Power Fx to handle additional logic
  • Create adaptive cards from the PVA interface
  • Add multiple message variations
  • Easily insert images & videos

Article: Power Virtual Agents unified canvas: overview of changes and new features.

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Dian Taylor (MVP) advanced authoring canvas preview

Dian’s article and video gives the new unified authoring canvas a deep-dive on setting variable nodes, using Power Fx formulas, handling list variables, and how to dynamically retrieve and use values from Dataverse and Dynamics 365 in her chatbot.

Article: Power Virtual Agents: advanced authoring canvas preview.

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Ben den Blanken blogs about adding vertical buttons with the new canvas

Ben shows you how to add Vertical Buttons to a Power Virtual Agents question by using the new advanced authoring canvas to do so. This used to require Bot Framework Composer, but not anymore!

Article: Adding Vertical Buttons to Power Virtual Agents – Revisited.

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Daniel Christian (MVP) gives an overview of the new PVA features

In this video, Daniel demonstrates some of the new unified authoring features, with a look at the overall new design changes, the enhancements in the messages and controls focusing on the basic and adaptive cards, the Power Fx functions available and the new topic management capabilities.

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Joe Gill (MVP) explains how to use Power Fx in the latest version of Power Virtual Agents

In Joe’s article, it includes how to use Power Fx in the authoring canvas and how it greatly enhances the ability to add capabilities like data validation and manipulation directly in your bot rather than relying on Power Automate.

Article: Power Fx -Power Virtual Agents.

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Kent Weare (Microsoft) checks out the new PVA unified experience

In this video, Kent checks out the new PVA unified experience that includes support for Adaptive Cards, Setting Variables, message variation and much more.

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Gary Pretty (Microsoft) showcases the new PVA on Power CAT Live

In this discussion between Gary Pretty and Phil Topness, Gary shows what’s new and what’s coming to give you more control over your bots and include the power of Bot Framework Composer in Power Virtual Agents. Power Fx is now integrated across the Power Virtual Agents canvas and gives you more power than ever.

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Power Virtual Agents featured at the Power Platform French Summit

Power Virtual Agents also got a lot of coverage at the Power Platform French Summit with customer testimonials and deep-dives and demos of the new unified authoring canvas.

More no-code/low-code power in the new version of PVA (in French)

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PVA used for employee gamification at Bolloré Transport & Logistics (in French)

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Use virtual agents to optimize employee and customer service (in French)

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PVA as one of the use cases to integrate the Power Platform with SAP (in French)

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