We bring opportunity to our program suppliers

The Microsoft Supplier Program (MSP) is designed to uphold ongoing partnerships across all businesses to ensure continued success with selected suppliers. Modernized with enhanced focus on business goals, expanded visibility to suppliers, and the agility to adapt for ongoing relevancy as businesses’ needs change. The program’s simplicity and focus amplify Microsoft’s values, strengthen supplier portfolios, empower new initiatives, and enrich supplier collaboration.

One MSP Recognition FAQ

One MSP – All of the time

The most valuable suppliers to businesses will become the most valuable suppliers across Microsoft​

Engaging our ecosystem – We are building a truly unified experience

Our philosophy is to build a balanced supplier ecosystem of business-critical, diverse, and managed suppliers that offers customized experiences

Balancing our supply base

We are striving to have a more balanced supplier ecosystem


Identified as most critical to meet businesses’ unique needs and maintain a Business-first perspective, based on the following criteria: level of difficulty to switch suppliers, material/financial impact on the P&L/Cashflow, and relationship impact on the Microsoft brand. Our approach is Business decides, Procurement manages.


Certified as 51% or more owned, operated, and managed by a woman, minority, veteran, person with disability, member of the LGBTQ community, or located in a government-identified HUBZone area. Tapping into the expertise, depth, and capabilities of diverse-owned companies.

Visit the supplier diversity page for more information

Enterprise (SRM)

Recognized as a 360 engagement: a strategic partner (GSI, GISV), strategic customer and a business-critical supplier across multiple lines of business. Dedicated Supplier Account Management (SAM), Enterprise Scorecards, and One Microsoft/360 Engagement.

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Incorporating our values

Microsoft values are intentionally infused into the MSP program