It starts with trust

Our mission to empower every individual and organization to achieve more starts with trusting each other. When something’s not right, share your concern so we can fix it. When you report a concern or issue, you can expect that your issue will be treated seriously, fairly, and promptly.

Raising compliance concerns or questions

Part of building a culture of trust is speaking up when something isn’t right so we can address the problem. There are several reporting options available—choose whichever you are most comfortable using. Whichever option you choose, your confidentiality will be protected to the greatest extent possible. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, you can submit a report through the Microsoft Integrity Portal.



Or International Collect + 1-720-904-6844




Office of Legal Compliance Microsoft Corporation

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United States

Additional resources

In addition, you can always raise concerns with your manager, any Microsoft manager, HR, Finance, or CELA.