Jason Ritter


2/17/1980 (41 years old) Los Angeles, California, United States

Watching this actor is somewhat eerie since he sports the same disarming smile as his father---the late, great Three's Company star John Ritter---although unlike his dad he's made his name primarily in dramas, not comedies. The younger Ritter was 10 when he made his acting debut opposite his father (playing his son, of course) in the fantastical TV biopic The Dreamer of Oz: The L. Frank Baum Story, but he didn't truly embark on an entertainment career until he enrolled in NYU's prestigious acting program. While still in school, he began landing guest spots and appearing on stage, but he broke through in 2003, appearing in the popular slasher flick Jason vs. Freddy and landing a plum role as an angry, wheelchair-bound teen in the divinely inspired drama Joan of Arcadia. Unfortunately, personal tragedy struck that same year when his father died suddenly of a previously undetected heart condition. But Jason persevered and continued to rack up impressive credits on both stage and screen, including tackling a sitcom role in the short-lived CBS series The Class (2006-07) and headlining the NBC action thriller The Event in 2010.

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