Max Pirkis


1/6/1989 (30 years old) London, England

From his early days in school plays to his remarkable screen debut as Midshipman Lord Blakeney in Peter Weir's Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003), actor Max Pirkis has quickly established himself as en emerging talent to keep tabs on. Born in London, England, the Eton College student had only appeared in a handful of school plays when a teacher came into the classroom scouting for an actor to appear in Master and Commander. After honing his onscreen skills in an actor's workshop, Pirkis jumped headlong into the audition process and quickly landed his first onscreen role. In the wake of Master and Commander, Pirkis continued to impress with his role as the withdrawn but uncommonly intelligent Gaius Octavian on the critically acclaimed HBO series Rome.