Published Jun 23, 2011 | Updated Sep 15, 2017


Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Aliases: No associated aliases


Exploit:SWF/CVE-2011-2110.B is a detection for malware that exploits a vulnerability in Adobe Flash, described in CVE-2011-2110, to download additional malware detected as Backdoor:Win32/Poison.M.

To detect and remove this threat and other malicious software that may be installed on your computer, run a full-system scan with an appropriate, up-to-date, security solution. The following Microsoft products detect and remove this threat:

For more information on antivirus software, see

This threat exploits known vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash. To avoid from your computer becoming infected with this threat, make sure that you install the updates available from the vendor. You can read more about this vulnerability in Adobe Flash, as well as where to download the software update from the following links:
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