Published Nov 28, 2007|Updated Dec 03, 2007


Alert level: High Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus

Also detected as: W32/Agent.MQ (Command) Application.Adware.Sahagent (BitDefender) Win32/Adware.SAHAgent (ESET) not-a-virus:AWare.Win32.Sahat.o (Kaspersky) Adware-SAHAgent (McAfee) W32/Sahat.O (Norman) Adware:SAHAgent (Panda) Trackware.SAHAgent (Symantec) Adware_Sahagent (Trend Micro) Adware.SAHAgent.G (VirusBuster)

Spyware:Win32/ShopAtHome.A is a Web browser redirector that monitors your Web browsing behavior and online purchases. ShopAtHome - also known as GoldenRetriever and SelectRebates - claims to track points for your ShopAtHome rebates when you buy products directly from affiliated merchant Web sites without linking through the ShopAtHome Web site.


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