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Brad Anderson on the topic of Hybrid IT

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As you all know, building the ideal IT infrastructure requires planning for a lot of different performance features (reliability, flexibility, scalability, agility). In our new world of IT, planning needs to also consider what is the right place to host workloads (private cloud, public cloud, hosted cloud, on-premise).  In his newest post, Brad Anderson, corporate vice president, Windows Server & System Center, examines a way to think about these questions:  Hybrid IT.  In this post Brad comments that, “Hybrid IT has become an extremely important topic because IT administrators are increasingly finding their datacenters spanning public, private, and hosted clouds from several different vendors. For this specific reason, one of our primary goals here at Microsoft is to ensure consistency across these clouds.”  To learn more about how to best think about deploying and operating a Hybrid IT infrastructure and see a consistent management experience across apps, data, and clouds – please read Transforming the Data Center and Hybrid IT.

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