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I want you to go read the In the Cloud Blog 

I am channeling my early days living and breathing as a U.S. Army Officer.  I can’t be any more clear about what I am asking you to do. So, here is your mission: Subscribe to this this nine-part Blog Series called:          What’s New in Windows Server & System Center 2012 R2. In all seriousness… This
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Brad Anderson on the topic of Hybrid IT 

Hello again, As you all know, building the ideal IT infrastructure requires planning for a lot of different performance features (reliability, flexibility, scalability, agility). In our new world of IT, planning needs to also consider what is the right place to host workloads (private cloud, public cloud, hosted cloud, on-premise).  In his newest post, Brad Anderson, corporate vice
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Brad Anderson on A Real Cloud OS for the Enterprise Cloud Era 

Hey everyone, Kevin Beares here… I definitely think you should go check out this latest installment from Brad Anderson. You’ve heard us talk about the Cloud OS before, and, in a new post from the In the Cloud blog, Brad Anderson (Corporate Vice President, Windows Server & System Center), examines how this operating system works,
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Real World Best Practices for Hyper-V and update on Slow Login Hotfixes from the Premier Field Engineering Platform Team 

Hey everyone, Thought I would share an article or two from the Ask Premier Field Engineering Platform Team Blog. I think everyone love’s checklists that you can just run through to make sure you didn’t miss anything and that your environment is good to go, right?  Well, how about this, Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Best

Server Posterpedia v2 available in the Windows Store! 

In today’s post, Martin McClean and Brian Lich talk about their Windows Store app, Server Posterpedia. If you’re interested in learning how Microsoft technologies work—for example, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Windows Azure, and SharePoint Server 2013—this is the Windows Store app for you. Enjoy! Kevin   Hi, we’re Martin McClean and Brian Lich from the
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Next Stops for the Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow: Australia, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Sweden, and the Philippines! 

Hi, we’re back with another list of Windows Server 2012 Community Roadshow events… We are really flying now with events. Lot’s of great participation and education on Windows Server 2012 from our MVPs to you.  We hope that you can make an event. If you don’t see one in your area, you can request one