MRS Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is happening with the MRS Feedback and Error Reporting page?
MRS was used by the Forefront line of products as a source of data about internet threats. As previously announced, the Forefront online services subscription will only be supported through Dec. 31, 2015 . The MRS feedback page was used mainly as a channel for requests to reclassify URLs that have been blocked by Forefront. Such requests should now be sent by email to Please include the URL of a site you want to be reclassified into the email message. MRS will not be able to help with reclassification if the URL is not sent.

2) I can’t access the Internet or certain sites, can you help please?
MRS does not block access to the Internet or any of Web sites. That decision is owned by your network Administrator. Please work with them to restore the access. For example, administrators of Forefront TMG can override the URL categorization issued by the MRS.

3) How can I know the classification for a certain URL?
Users of Forefront products can consult the manual for the version in use to inspect the reason for blocking URLs. This information is also available online. For the Forefront TMG product, instructions on looking up a URL category are available online.

4) What is the expected time for reclassification of a URL?
URL classification is done by and largely depends on external Microsoft’s partners. In general, there is no guarantee the classification would change, and there is no solid timeline for that. However, we promptly submit those requests to the partners.

5) Will I receive updates regarding the status of my request?
No. Microsoft will keep working with partners to continuously evaluate the requests from customers.

6) I still disagree with MRS classification for a certain URL. How to proceed?
Follow the instructions for “Overriding URL categorization” in the documentation for your Forefront installation.