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Corporate Social Responsibility

Working to apply the power of technology to ensure corporate responsibility, safeguard human rights, and protect our planet.

Welcome to Microsoft's CSR reporting site

At Microsoft, our policies and business practices reflect a commitment to making our planet a better place. This commitment is central to why many of our employees come to work every day, and it impacts the type of products and services we develop. We take seriously our responsibilities to help the world achieve more. And we are committed to meeting our responsibility to address economic, social, and environmental issues in our world today. This site is a living report on our most current policies and practices for advancements in these critical areas.

Key reporting areas

For Microsoft, CSR reflects our commitment to principled business practices and our respect for people and the planet.

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Earning customer trust starts with principled decision making.

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Our mission is inclusive: To empower every individual and organization.

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Our responsibility extends to safeguarding the future of our planet.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Letter from our CEO

At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We also care deeply about how we achieve that mission and our lasting impact on the world and the communities where we operate. In this year’s annual letter to shareholders, I devoted my closing thoughts to the important role technology can play in spreading economic opportunity more evenly around the world. I believe we must continue to dedicate ourselves to the challenges humankind faces, the role technology can play, and the unique contributions Microsoft can make.

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