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Under pressure from reduced payments, changing regulations, and the increased cost of innovation, pharma and life science organizations need to remove inefficiencies from operations, develop new classes of products, and build out new manufacturing capabilities alongside a fully digitized supply chain necessary to safely and efficiently develop and deliver therapies to patients.

The Microsoft approach

Microsoft cloud and AI solutions empower pharma and life science organizations of all sizes to re-envision the way they bring together people, data, and processes to identify trends and patterns to help determine best practices to increase throughput, optimize resource allocation, and accelerate innovation in the process of developing new offerings.

Deliver better care more securely

Provide the right information at the right time for patients and staff, by putting people at the center and helping ensure the compliance, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility or your data.

Microsoft in pharma and life sciences customer stories

  • Eli Lilly

    Lilly envisions a workplace where internal and external collaboration help enable innovation and accelerate time-to-market for new medicines.

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  • Sanofi

    Sanofi Pasteur unlocks quality excellence and unleashes innovation with Yammer.

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  • Allergan

    By adopting Microsoft 365, Allergan streamlined mergers through a unified platform—and introduced a modern workplace.

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