Earth-friendly building next to a pond

Enabling a more sustainable future

We take a holistic approach to carbon and work to reduce carbon emissions in every part of our business.

What we have accomplished

Since its 2012 implementation, our carbon program has reduced emissions by more than 9 million metric tons of CO2, invested in more than 14 million megawatt-hours of green power and impacted more than 7 million people around the globe.

How Microsoft's carbon fee drives change

Take a closer look at how we use the funds collected by our carbon fee.

Illustrated chart showing Microsoft’s carbon fee usage

Global impact

Empowering people and organizations.

Mount Rainier with forest

Preserving 520 acres of forest at Mount Rainier, Washington, with local NGOs.

Indonesian forest with orangutans

Protecting 100,000 acres of forest in Indonesia to safeguard orangutans.

Devices ready for recycling

Recycling more than 400,000 assets around the world.

Cross-section of tree showing rings

Microsoft carbon fee guide

Learn all about Microsoft’s efforts to drive culture change.