Transforming the future of water

Water is a necessity for every person and organization on this planet, but for many people in many places, it’s getting harder to get clean, fresh water. That is why we are taking actions, within our operations and with our partners, to use less water.

Microsoft is utilizing the power of the cloud, IoT and machine learning to drive these changes. We are also employing data analytics to better track and find innovative solutions to dramatically reduce the amount of water used at datacenters. Our technology is enabling organizations big and small to make smarter decisions about water, from global water management companies like Ecolab to cities like Chicago.

Our approach to water stewardship

Global goals

Our work is focused on creating tools and services to help address the world’s water challenges, including scarcity, pollution and ocean health.

Localized solutions

In Seattle, we partnered with oceanographers at the University of Washington and a local shellfish company to create a cloud-based solution that gives shellfish farmers insight on when to plant oysters.

Continued innovation

The Water Risk Monetizer tool, built on our Azure cloud, is helping companies assess water risk to make better decisions on current and future water needs.

Corporate responsibility

We're using data to help us use less water at our datacenters and develop new air cooling techniques that use 90 percent less water than conventional chiller solutions.

Partners in water solutions