Interactive art: Public Radio built in The Garage by Boston design studio

Standing 10 feet tall, elegantly sloped along its front face with the soft light of rainbow LEDs glowing behind half inch of frosted acrylic, “Public Radio” is a unique art installation you’ll find at District Hall’s outdoor plaza in the Seaport, Boston’s home for innovation. Turn the metal-rimmed dials to tune to a different station as the corresponding LEDs light….

Microsoft New England teams up with customers to create high-impact product features

Microsoft Garage has been a force in affecting positive change within the company, practicing new ways of thinking and spreading a growth mindset culture to employees as well as partners outside the company. Microsoft’s global Hackathon is a key player in CEO Satya Nadella’s culture change priorities driving innovations that empower customers to achieve more. The Garage at NERD, located….

Microsoft Garage expansion continues with grand opening at New England Research Development Center

The seventh Microsoft Garage just opened its doors at the New England Research & Development Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts (or “NERD”). Hundreds of students, educators, and tech pros flocked to the three-day event introducing local Microsoft teams, innovative projects they are working on—and the Garage equipment and spaces that the Boston area community can use to connect with Microsoft and….

Lucas Rizzotto uses art plus tech to explore what it means to be human

Award-winning creator Lucas Rizzotto is running an exciting social VR experiment – a beautifully crafted immersive world inhabited by people’s most personal thoughts and wishes in his new project, Where Thoughts Go. The Garage is a big proponent of exploring and experimenting in the augmented, virtual, and mixed reality spaces. With our futuristic new Reality Room open to employees in….

What leading experts are saying about fake news, Spectre, and smartphone exploits

“Investing in cybersecurity today will protect our freedom of speech, the existence of free markets and most important the freedom of secure online social interaction.” Guy Shalev, Microsoft Garage – Israel   In the second year for BlueHat IL, a special edition of Microsoft’s leading cybersecurity conference, The Garage – Israel team rolled up its sleeves to hack with top….

This is what happens when interesting ideas, passion for technology, and experimental engineers converge

Each year, we host dozens of customer and partners in the Microsoft Garage. As we walk visitors through our community hub, makerspace, and most recently, our new Mixed Reality room, we often discuss everything from fostering innovation to designing spaces where people want to come together to collaborate. Across tech, banking, education, healthcare, and everything in between, one topic that….

PowerPoint team shows how hackathons and teamwork are the best testing grounds for giving life to ideas

Hacking culture comes naturally to Alex Gueniot. As the senior software engineer for PowerPoint driving technical implementation of new features, he just can’t give up on good ideas. “I compulsively need to create and to collaborate with people. That’s why I’ve been involved in almost 20 hackathon projects in the past seven years. One year, I was on six hackathon….

This Microsoft Garage intern shares how she refused to let fear define her

  In high school, Kristen Laird experienced terrible burns as a result of a lab experiment explosion.  She struggled for years with fear of flames, and decided to turn it around by looking her fear straight in the face and becoming an EMT (emergency medical technician) and a volunteer fire fighter. Through this experience, she has learned to experiment, explore,….

The Garage Reality Room arrives

Just as the Microsoft Garage has created makerspaces around the world to give our employees and interns the opportunity to get hands-on with 3D printing and hardware-oriented projects, we have recently created several “Reality Rooms” at our Garage locations. These specialized spaces provide quick access to the latest in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality (collectively called “XR”) all….

Seven hackathon lessons learned from my battle with lymphoma

Last week, I received some of the best news of my life.  And the news came at a pretty exciting time.  I received the phone call half an hour before the closing ceremony of Microsoft’s 2017 Hackathon, an event that my team puts on.  For the Microsoft Garage, a team helping change the way the company works 52 weeks of….